Nublu, the influential 11-year-old NYC venue that has helped launch a superb array of unique, globally-minded bands and DJs, has launched it’s Nublu Jazz Festival in November of 2009. Putting its own stamp on the NYC jazz scene, Nublu hosts a superb array of celebrated veterans as well as rising stars and favorites who are part of the Nublu pantheon of rotating musicians.

Ask Nublu owner/curator and musician Ilhan Ersahin why he created a jazz festival, and he jovially comments, “Nublu is a continuation of the jazz culture, it has the spirit of jazz with a sound that is relevant today, and we’re filling in a gap that we think is missing.” Some of the talent featured in the 2009 festival include: Eddie Henderson, drummer Al Foster (Miles Davis), Mark Lambert, Chris Cheek, Seamus Blake, Ilhan Ersahin, Graham Haynes, Don Falzone, Taylor McFerrin, Noah Jarret and many more.

In March of 2010, the Nublu Jazz Festival was hosted in the city of Istanbul for a week full of amazing shows. In October, the festival will be launched in Sao Paulo, Brazil and continue each December in New York.